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Just for Show!


Riley, the new bun on the block, studies art history when he is not chewing moccasin ties (ruining entire shoes) or generally wreaking havoc. His job is to keep track of my pottery (cataloging I believe it is called) and generally know what is going on. Needless to say, *I* don't know what is going on half the time, so I have to count on the learned Riley. Thanks to Judith Barnett for supplying the books and lamp in this image.

Here are just a few more items for your perusal. These pieces were exhibited and sold. However, I would consider making similar items should a "patron of the arts" come my way ;-) The work on these was very exacting. Now, hopefully for your viewing pleasure...

Ladybug Bunny, seen from left

Ladybug Bunny, from right

Closeup of Ladybug Bunny

Simon Basket
Simon Basket, left view
Simon Basket, right view.

Carrot Throne Bunny Bottle

Simon "Oops!" Basket

Oops CU
"Oops!" Basket Close Up
Massage Buns (offers "Paw Relief")

More to come as my pottery progresses.

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