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People have been nudging me to show more of my recent work. What, updating a site every 5 years isn't enough? People are so demanding! ;-)

But, please first meet little Oscar, Wally's sidekick. He was a semi-blind, sickly shelter bun whom I was told was dying. I could not leave him there and brought him home. And... he lived! He lived happily with Wally and I for four years. He died quite old. I sure miss him. He was sit on my lap for hours when I was at the computer. He also was very docile and flexible. On my lap he could go into the "Oscar Ball." This unique pose became one of the first original Tshirt designs at Harewear Tshirts. Check it out!

And so Oscar became a Tshirt legend. He was well-dressed, after all. (Poor guy all done up for Mardi Gras here-- and he didn't seem to mind !) He also is famous for The Pizza Bunny Tale. I hope you'll read this original and funny collaborative story.

Shy but sweet Norman was on death row at the local shelter. He's happy now, and, following in Oscar's pawprints, knows a thing or two about spiffy dressing. He now supervises Harewear Tshirts (beware of construction!).

I made a limited number of cups commemorating Oscar Ball. Here is one of my favorites and a few closeups.

These are not Oscars, but wanted to show I know make bunnies in white, black, gray (and brown) with no problem. Yes, the guy on the bowl rim is so relaxed I expect him to flop off!

The itty bitty bottles with itty bitty bunny stoppers have been very popular. They're maybe 4 to 6 inches tall.

Several people wished to use them as bunny urns, the final resting place for a beloved pet's ashes. Here is the urn I made for Brownie, the famous Shopping Cart Bunny.

Suddenly people wanted urns, and they especially wanted this color combination. The urn on the left was for Kathy Brown's Huey and Mrs. B., large enough for two. She wanted two butterflies etched into the side. In the middle is Amanda's Benny, with his very expressive ears. Both buns their names on the bottles, though my photos don't show them up real well. Lastly, we have Peanut. Erin wanted all of his relevant dates put on the little bottle. It was a challenge. I should point out that this color combination looks fantastic in person, way better than what my camera snaps. I guess its popularity speaks for itself.

Kathy often orders bowls when she gets a NEW rabbit. She wanted a Chip & Thumper bowl and sent me a photo to base it on.

Cindy had her bunnies Chaos and Confusion immortalized in the "True Love" Bowl.

Here is Kristi's Flemish Giant, Samson. And his memorial, complete with plum tomato (he loved 'em).

Surprise! A Hareware dog!
Cindy C. wanted something very special for her dachshund, Mo. Here is her photo and the finished container.

Here is an artistic impression of Debi's cockatiel Nickie. She wanted an urn for her birds. She requested a teal (or is that tiel? ;-) color urn with a cross and Nickie on top.

This is a sweet little bowl with itty bitty birds on it ;-)

So many people have wanted urns, memorials, and celebratory bowls for their pets that I've started a new page for them. To see closeups, and more, click on the link at page bottom. For me it is an honor to be asked to capture artistically the essence of a beloved pet.

Much of my time nowadays is spent making commissioned custom items. But not all. And I still have a few simple, inexpensive bunny seasonal ornaments. All are priced as stocking stuffers! Here are a few bunny dangles (itty rabbit at the bottom of the heart) and Buns in Chairs (for these I need a bit of lead time.)

I also have just a few Santa Buns, Wreath Buns, and Funny Bunnies: the little bunnies dressed in tshirts, sportswear, and as hippie buns. I HAVE added some cats and dogs (bottom row) to diversity ;-) Some are pins, some ornaments.

My little pins look great on blazers and other clothing. As magnets, they brighten your fridge. I can even make them into hanging ornaments. They run $8 to $20.

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