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Simon, my wondrous, beloved Simon, my bunny soulmate, died
September 21, 1999. I will always miss him. Since he passed, Iíve worked with shelter bunnies, rescue bunnies, other bunnies and started the HareWEAR project. Now there are a lot of well-dressed bunny people out there ;-)

Time passed and Wally came on the scene. He knew he had some really big ears to fill.

Wally had many monikers. He was Wally Wiresnips, Destroyer of Phone Cords, Intimidator of Appliances. BravePaw, and "Mr. June" in the Hot Buns charity calendar!

Wally supervised the Hareware Collection carefully, helping to weigh and measure bunny pottery.

I went through my "Minimalist" period of barely there rabbits.

I came up with the "Love Buns" motif.

I put it and other designs on the inside of low bowls.

I make wheel thrown cups (one with a sculpture, the other with engobe design), but with SQUARE bottoms! How about that for a trick? And they say you can't fit a square peg in a round hole.

And while we're talking "square," I've made a lot of rabbit food bowls, including ones with square corners to fit in small spaces. One reads, "Hop... Hop...Hop," the other, "Happy" (with little red heart).

This is a side view so you see the paddled flat sides.

Here are bowls with just one corner, otherwise round. The one on the right has two holes to attach it to a cage wall.

These are "Dedham" style bowls (white with cobalt oxide) and some other types of bunny food bowls and people food bowls ;-).

This is a not wonderful photo of a set of four small bowls with leaping bunnies.

I make Wally cups in many different shades. I try to be sure they are true to Wally-- well composed and adorable in all respects.

Closeups of Wally from various cups.

Wally is adorable front, side and back. He just can't contain his cuteness!

Wally totally enjoys life, stopping to smell, and nibble, the roses.

You will love the crazy, outrageous "Wallygate Scandal!"

Wally is hiding! Want to play...
"Where's Wally?"

New bunny memorials, tributes, urns! Please view and honor
"Furry Angels Forever"

Then meet Oscar Ball, Norman, and see more recent pottery! That's New Exhibitions !

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