(He's Simon. I'm Carla.)

Click here to hear Simon's Famous Happy Noise™!

Simon relaxes in the yard.

Simon plays dead.

Baby pictures. Simon (far left) with his brother and sister. Wasn't he a beautiful baby?

Minnie was a good Mom, willing to nurse even a very BIG Simon!

A woman's work is never done: Minnie continued to groom her not-so-baby boy.

I'm Carla, Simon's biggest fan. He was my heart bunny. There will never be another like him.
I create ceramic art with porcelain bunnies because Simon inspired "The Simon Collection" of HAREWARE. Here are examples.

Several 1-bunny bowls and a few closeups.

Some 2-bunny bowls.

Mugs for your Starbucks' (or Peets!) ...

Mugs for your tea...

Three bunnies hanging in there... and another three "sprigged" onto another bowl (ceramic lingo for "added on").

Cookie jars, or rabbit pellet jars, depending upon who's the boss at your house...

I make rabbit pins and magnets to support needy bunnies. Proceeds have gone to such charities as the Louisiana SPCA, Noah's Wish, Doris Day Animal League. If you adopt a rabbit, get him/her from a rescue or shelter! Pins and magnets $8 to $15. Help the bunnies!

A veritable plethora of bunnies, and I keep making more!

Want to see more bunnies and pottery? Visit The Murf Gallery Or see the glorious Wally Pages?

In tribute to bunnies alive and past Furry Angels Forever? And much, much more.

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I do sell some of my artwork on a limited basis. For information, email!

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